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Across Asia, Red Pandas are in danger of extinction. The Red Panda, also known as the "Firefox," is a rare species with no close relatives — not even related to the better–known Giant Panda. Red Pandas are small creatures with a reddish–brown color, and a diet of 98% bamboo. However, this makes them especially vulnerable to habitat loss, and over the last 18 years, the Red Panda population is estimated to have declined by 50% (IUCN).

In native Red Panda habitat, which includes Bhutan, China, India, Myanmar, and Nepal, human population is rapidly growing and expanding. As people take over more land to build houses and roads, collect firewood, and graze their cattle, these adorable creatures are pushed out of their habitat. Cattle in particular often trample over the bamboo, starving the Red Panda of their unique food source. More roads make it easier for poachers to steal Red Pandas to sell to China — whose people like Red Pandas for their meat, traditional medicinal uses, and skins — and for others who want a "cute" Red Panda as a pet.

If nothing is done, Red Panda populations will continue to decline at a rapid rate. Throughout the majority of Red Panda range, there is an estimated continued decline of over 50% for the next three generations.

You can help.

Project Peril works with reputable partners in Asia to save Red Pandas by protecting habitat and teaching people how to coexist with Red Pandas. Your donation will go directly towards supporting this work through our Red Panda Recovery Fund. Together, we can save Red Pandas from extinction.

Update from the Field 

June 2017


“With the help of and the generous support of our donors, Rainforest Trust has secured the funding for the 430,050-acre Red Panda Community Forest Reserve, but our work is on-going to finalize the protected area. Rainforest Trust’s local partner has played a pivotal role in protecting forests in eastern Nepal by saving Red Panda habitat while also creating a variety of income opportunities for rural communities. A management plan has been established for the area, which includes the training of 51 Forest Guards, four Field Technicians, and recruitment of field staff. As of June 2017, our partner held several community consultation meetings, and has continued to recruit additional forest guardians who will be trained in fire management. There continues to be mapping in the upper Jaubari and Ilam regions as well."

About Project Peril:

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Project Peril, a program of, is committed to saving endangered species by supporting holistic and hands–on wildlife conservation efforts.

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